Wholesale Cleaning Services Price Book

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For 75 years Sunshine Cleaners, and the Schwegmann family have strived to provide customers with the
highest quality specialty cleaning service. It is our goal; to be your partner in providing top of the line services to your
customers. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

Table of Contents
Page 1 Leather Cleaning Services Price List
Page 2 Wedding Gown and Specialty Cleaning Services Price List
Page 3 Home Goods (comforters, feather/down products, blankets)
Page 4 Fur Cleaning and Glazing Price List
Page 5 Repairs - Leather, Suede, Fur & Zippers Services Price List
Page 6 Alterations and New linings Services Price List
Page 7 What is professional leather cleaning Bulletin
Page 8 Handbags, Purses and Footwear Services Bulletin
Page 9 Area Rug Service Bulletin
Page 10 Area Rug Pricing Chart
Page 11 Wedding Gown Services Bulletin
Page 12 Fur Cleaning and Weaving Services Bulletin
Page 13 Pillow Cleaning and Renovation Services Bulletin
Page 14 Weaving Services Bulletin
Page 15 Sunshine Tickets Explanation Bulletin
Page 16 Sunshine Business Information
Page 17 Shipping to Sunshine Bulletin
Page 18 Common leather terms
Page 19 Accepting leather at the front counter worksheet
Page 20 Leather service consent form
Page 21 Quick Price List


Services offered:

Leather Cleaning • Fur Cleaning • Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation • Area Rugs • Footwear
Handbags • Home Goods • Repairs • Alterations • Beaded and Leather Trimmed Items

Down-filled jackets • Pillows • Comforters and more

Sunshine Cleaners Company ● Sunshine Leather Care Co ● Prestige Preservation Program

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Call or TEXT 800.232.0792 ● info@sunshinecleaners.com


Home Goods Wholesale


Textile Cleaning
Down Comforter $33.00 $49.00
Featherbed $49.50 $74.00
Featherbed with cover $59.00 $89.00
Poly-fiberfill Bed $50.00 $75.00
Bedspreads/Comforters/Duvets (all sizes) $33.00 $50.00
Pillow Shams (each) $8.00 $12.00
Bed Skirt/Dust Ruffle $23.00 $35.00
Faux Fur Blanket or Faux Fur Duvet $50.00 $75.00
Couch or Chair Cover $50.00 $75.00
Pillows (feather, down or fiber filled)
Standard Size (19x26) $18.00 $27.00
Queen Size (19x30) $19.00 $29.00
King Size (19x36) $20.00 $30.00
Custom or Odd Size $36.00 $54.00
Add crushed duck feathers (per 1/4 pounds) $6.00 $9.00
See pillow bulletin on page 13
Fur Rugs
Sheepskin Rug (per panel/hide) $24.00 $36.00
Llama piece rugs with design, Alpaca Rugs $90.00 $135.00
Full Animal Hide Rugs (cow, deer, elk, etc.) $90.00 $135.00
Area Rugs (allow 2-3 weeks for service) **Please see rug bulletin p10-11**

Area Rugs (Square Foot = Length x Width) $2.5 sq/ft $3.5 sq/ft
Fringe, hand cleaned (per linear foot) $1.50 $1.70
Deodorize (no guarantee on pet stains) Add $2sq/ft Add $3sq/ft
Decorator Cushions, Throw Pillows (per pillow) $18.00 $25.00


Fur Cleaning and Glazing Wholesale


Natural Furs
Jacket $42.00 $63.00
Stole, Vest, Cape $36.00 $54.00
Coat (over 36”) $47.00 $71.00
Collars, Cuffs, Scarves, Boas, Hoods, Child's Jacket $18.00 $27.00
Hats $19.00 $29.00
Genuine Shearling
Jacket $49.00 $74.00
Coat $54.00 $81.00
Man-made, Synthetic, Faux-Furs
Jacket $32.00 $48.00
Stole, Vest, Cape $28.00 $42.00
Coat $36.00 $54.00
Child's Jacket $18.00 $27.00
Collars, Cuffs, Scarves, Boas $18.00 $27.00
Hats, Child's Jackets $19.00 $29.00
Cloth Garments
Fur Trimmed Cloth Garment $26.00 $39.00
2pc Outfit with Fur Trim $31.00 $47.00
Fur Trimmed Hood $16.00 $24.00
Fur Lined Garments/Reversible
Reversible/lined natural fur to cloth jacket $47.00 $71.00
Reversible/lined natural fur to cloth coat $47.00 $71.00
Suede/Leather Jacket/Coat with natural fur lining $53.00 $80.00
Natural fur lined vest (includes reversible) $36.00 $54.00
Natural Fur Removable Lining $25.00 $38.00
Fur Rugs
Sheepskin Rug (per panel/hide) $24.00 $36.00
Llama piece rugs with design, Alpaca Rugs $90.00 $135.00
Full Animal Hide Rugs (cow, deer, elk, etc.) $90.00 $135.00
Fur Storage
Down-filled Garments (with or without Fur trim)
Down Jacket, Coat, Snow pants $25.00 $38.00
Couture/Designer/High Fashion or One of Kind (subject to upcharge)
Due to the use of unique materials, construction and ornamentation/hardware, pieces may subject to an
additional charge for handling, risk, and the extra time and attention required to care for these garments.
(Made in USA, Italy, France, Spain for example) Charges at our discretion, we will call.

We clean many more items not listed here.
Please call or text with questions.
Allow more time for repairs and alterations.


Repairs · Suede, Leather and Fur



Zippers * Snap removal and replacement are extra *
#5 one-way zipper (MOST COMMON) $43.00 $54.00
#5 Reversible Zipper $44.00 $55.00
#5 Two-Way Zipper (two pulls) $47.00 $59.00
#5 Angled Zipper (Motorcycle style jackets) $53.00 $66.00
#7 Zipper (Light Medium Duty) $47.00 $59.00
#8 Zipper (Medium Duty) $53.00 $66.00
#10 Zipper (Heavy Duty) $57.00 $71.00
#10 Two-Way Zipper $58.00 $73.00
#10 Angled Zipper (Motorcycle style jackets) $72.00 $90.00
Pants, Skirts, Pockets, Sleeves $40.00 $50.00
Zip in Lining $72.00 $90.00
Purses Zippers (if possible) $43 and up $54 and up
Zipper in Cloth Garment (if possible) $56.00 $70.00
Flap covered zipper, Leather backed zipper Add $7.00 Add $9.00
NEW Zipper Pulley/Slider $8.00 $10.00
• We will always try to match zippers as close as possible. In cases when exact replacements are not available, we
will select a zipper that is as close as possible. Some zippers are difficult to replace and we will make every
attempt to replace zippers at the listed price. Difficult or unique zippers will require an extra charge. We will call

with estimates in most cases.

Suede and Leather Repairs
Tighten Buttons (each) $3.00 $4.00
Seams (14 plus .50 per total inches measured) $14 & up $15 plus .75/in
Tears (16 plus .50 per total inches measured) $16 & up $17 plus .75/in
Combination Tears and Seams use tear pricing $16 & up $17 plus .75/in
Large Tears (over 12 inches of tears) $28 & up 1.5 x price
Knit Cuffs (pair), Knit Collar Replacement $40.00 $50.00
Knit Waistband Replacement $53.00 $66.00
New Buttons (each) or New Snaps (each) $3.50 $4.00
Add Snaps where none before (each snap added) $5.00 $8.00
New Pocket Lining (each) $20.00 $25.00
Repair Scuffs (as possible) $17.00 $21.00
Patches (please give detailed instructions on placement)
Bars, Chevrons, smaller patches $13.00 $16.00
Varsity letter $17.00 $21.00
Large patch $22.00 $28.00
Four or more patches done by time rate. $60/hr $70/hr
Timed Repairs priced in 15 minute increments $60/hr $70/hr
Fur Repairs
Repair Tears (36.00 plus 4.50 per inch after 4in) $36 and Up 1.5 x price
New Hook or Eye (individual) $9.50 $13.00
New Latch and Catch\Euro Clasp (individual) $14.50 $19.00
Tighten Hooks\Eyes or Latch\Catch (each) $4.50 $6.75
Resew Fur Trim $19.50 and up $29.95
Repair Lining as possible $24 and up $29.25

Allow for 2-3 weeks for repairs and alterations.


Alterations · Suede, Leather and Fur



Shorten for Suede and Leather Garments
Sleeves Plain (no vents, cuffs, zippers, buttons, designs or
trim) $45.00 $56.00
Sleeves with cuff $60.00 $75.00
Sleeves with snaps or buttons $60.00 $75.00
Shorten sleeve with zipper or vent, (don't move up, just
cut and resew hem) $60.00 $75.00
Sleeves with zipper or vent to move up $75 and up $94 & up
Regular coat (no vent, no kick pleat) $60.00 $75.00
Regular coat with split bottom, vent, sweep $85.00 $106.00
Shorten Pants, Shorts, Skirts (no vents,etc.) $45.00 $56.00
Lengthen (if possible)
Sleeves add material $79.00 $99.00
Reline Leather Garments
Price includes labor and materials. Pockets are extra. Ask for estimates.
Jacket $132.00 $165.00
Vest, Pants, Skirts, handbags $112.00 $140.00
Coat (37” and longer) $158.00 $198.00
No lining pattern, or unusable pattern add $26 add $30
Quilted Lining add $36 add $40
Sleeve reline only (each) $43.00 $54.00
Pocket relines (each) $20.00 $25.00
Cloth Garment Reline Estimate Estimate
Black or brown lining materials are in stock, requested or customer materials are extra.
Tailoring for Suede and Leather Garments
Take In Waist $48 & up $67 & up
Take in Sides of Jacket $60 & up $82 & up
Take in and taper $60 & up $82 & up
Custom Tailoring (by time, 15-minute increments) $60/hour $70/hour
Make new collar $60 & up $78 & up
Turn collar (if possible) $48 & up $60 & up
Fur Alterations and Appraisals
We provide all types of fur alterations, including relining.
Measurements are required, all work done with estimates
only. (These prices are estimates. Each fur needs to be
evaluated for the type of materials that are required or
requested to perform the service.)

Estimate 1.5 x price

Reline Stole (Estimate) $200.00 $300.00
Reline Jacket (Estimate) $250-300 $375-450
Reline Coat (Estimate) $300-400 $450-600
Reline Coat with French hem (Estimate) $350-470 $475-705
Appraisals $48.00 $45.00
Monogramming (names or initials) $60 and Up 1.5 x price



What is professional leather cleaning?

Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of
leather or suede garments. Leather's unique characteristics, such as its ability to breathe
and visible properties such as vein, tic, and scar marks (beauty marks) require special
understanding and knowledge in order to professionally clean. Leather garments and
accessories use various dyeing and pigment techniques in order to achieve different
appearances and effects. Understanding colors, dyes, pigmentation, garment
construction, and characteristics of different types of leather is what the professional
offers. We take pride in understanding the work that we perform. All leather goods that
Sunshine processes are cleaned, refinished(color restoration) and pressed as part of our
cleaning service.
Providing a professional level leather cleaning service is not just about the cleaning. The
refinishing or recoloring of a leather garment is the most vital part of producing a high
quality piece. Without the color restoration process you are not providing professional
leather cleaning. We have decades of experience in restoring colors. We mix colors from
scratch to match each garment. We apply top coats to reproduce the look and feel that
the designer of the garment intended. We use oils to restore suede and offer repellents
to protect leather during wear.
Providing professional leather service also requires a repair and alteration staff that
understands garment construction. Our crew of seamstresses and tailors are talented.
They allow us to offer a wide variety of alterations and repairs. Their abilities strengthen
the quality of our service. This allows us to remove and replace hardware, disassemble
and reassemble pieces to clean parts separately, and fulfill customers’ requested repairs.
We replace zippers and buttons, make new linings, shortening sleeves and more. A full
line of service is available.
Once a leather piece is cleaned, refinished and repaired/altered it moves to our pressing
department. The final process of a professionally cleaned leather garment is the ability
to press the garment and make it look its best. We use tension equipment, utility
presses, forms, brushes, buffers and more to put the final look on a piece.
Professional Care = Professional Results

Before and After images are available on our website and can be used for your
marketing materials. Give us a call and we can provide the images.


Handbags, purses, wallets and totes

Sunshine can clean and refinish handbags, clutches, purses and more. These items are
unique and require special handling and processing. All handbags etc. are cleaned at
the customers risk only. Due to the unique construction of handbags, uses of leather,
fabrics, and trims, cleaning each piece is different. Inform your customer about the
challenges of cleaning these items so they can make an informed decision about their
goods. Restoration results of these items are usually spectacular. Estimate requests and
questions are welcome.

UGG boots and footwear

Sunshine has cleaned over 10000 pairs of suede boots and footwear. This is the most
popular growth in leather apparel cleaning that we have seen in some time. Don't miss
out. Customers call everyday looking for places to have their UGG's cleaned. We direct
them to the closest Sunshine wholesale customer. Like leather jacket cleaning,
customers ask questions, and we are here to help. Here is a guide when accepting UGG,
suede boots and footwear:
● UGG boots and footwear do not have care labels - All items without care labels are
cleaned at the customer's risk only.
● Like leather and suede jackets, there will be a slight change in appearance when
● Dye migration from dark to light areas is possible. Sunshine uses color control
products to help offset this in cleaning.
● We have not experienced any shrinkage when cleaning UGG brand boots.
Sometimes they will feel snug when worn after cleaning but the leather/suede will
relax with wear.
● We can restore color and feel to the boots.
● Boots cannot be dyed to a different color.
● Jean dye stains are treated as best as possible, but jean dye removal cannot be
● Most salt stains and watermarks can be removed in cleaning.
● Both boots must always be cleaned at the same time to guarantee matching
● Water repellent is included with every pair of boots.

Please refer to the back pages of the
price book for customer consent forms.


Area Rug Cleaning

Sunshine utilizes a subcontracted full service area rug cleaning company to process all
area rugs. Area rug service is 2-3 weeks, additional time for deodorizing and repairs
should be allowed. This is a valuable add-on service. Check with your salesperson for
● A modern mechanized rug cleaning facility. Our rug company uses
specialized equipment to clean rugs.
● This type of mechanized cleaning provides better service than other rug
cleaning companies that clean rugs with a floor unit. The process allows for
cleaning both sides of the rug and thorough rinsing of the rug.
● Thorough eight-step cleaning process.
● A soaking pit with rollers to aid in removing embedded dirt, stains, pet stains
and odors.
● Custom carpet repair, binding, fringing and surging is available, by estimate
● Each rug is individually hand-checked and wrapped in plastic for delivery.
Rug Cleaning Policy:
● We reserve the right to reject any rug for any reason.
● We do not accept rugs over 63 square feet. (length x width = square feet)
○ Our personnel may need assistance in the loading and unloading of
rugs in our delivery vehicles.
○ Some rugs will not fit in our vehicles.
○ Rugs should be rolled and in plastic when sent in for service to prevent
dirty rugs from touching other items in our vehicles.

● We do not guarantee pet stain removal or odor removal. Rugs with pet stains
or mildew are cleaned at the customer's risk only. Our rug cleaner is very
good with these stains, but we will not guarantee pet stain removal.
● Use the chart on the next page to aid in providing pricing to your customers.


 Area Rug Pricing Chart

Length x Width | Wholesale Price | w/Fringe add | Retail $ | w/Fringe

2 x 3 $18.00 $0.00 $24.00 $0.00
2 x 4 $20.00 $6.00 $28.00 $6.20
2 x 6 $30.00 $6.00 $42.00 $6.20
2 x 8 $40.00 $6.00 $56.00 $6.20
2 x 10 $50.00 $6.00 $70.00 $6.20
2 x 12 $60.00 $6.00 $84.00 $6.20
2 x 14 $70.00 $6.00 $98.00 $6.20
2 x 16 $80.00 $6.00 $112.00 $6.20
2 x 18 $90.00 $6.00 $126.00 $6.20
3 x 5 $37.50 $9.00 $52.50 $9.30
4 x 6 $60.00 $12.00 $84.00 $12.40
5 x 7 $87.50 $15.00 $122.50 $15.50
5 x 8 $100.00 $15.00 $140.00 $15.50
8 x 6 $120.00 $24.00 $168.00 $24.80
9 x 6 $135.00 $27.00 $189.00 $27.90
9 x 7 $157.50 $27.00 $220.50 $27.90

We do not accept rugs larger than 63 square feet.
Rugs (allow 2-3 weeks for service)
Area Rugs (per square foot) $2.50 $3.50
Fringe, hand cleaned (per linear foot) $1.50 $1.55
Repairs Estimate 1.25x
Deodorize (no guarantee on pet stains)
$2sq/ft Add $3sq/ft

*This chart is for assisting in pricing rugs. The rugs in the chart
are some of the most popular sizes. Look on the back of the rug
for a label that has the size. If there is no label, measure the
rug's length and width. To calculate square footage use this
formula. Length x Width x Price (Ex.: 2 * 6 = 12 * 2.50 = $30).
If the rug has fringe, measure the length of the fringe (linear
footage) and multiply that by the fringe price and add the two
amounts together.


Prestige Preservation Program

Sunshine Cleaners Company is an exclusive licensee and owner of Prestige
Preservation Program. We offer an exclusive preservation process that is guaranteed to
prevent oxidation and discoloration of garments we clean and preserve. This guarantee
is backed by a warranty for the life of the garment. No one else can provide you with
this type of service guarantee. We offer literature and signage that you can use in your
store to help promote this program. Let Sunshine deliver profits to your counter each
week with this service. No labor, no product costs, no headaches. Sunshine has been
cleaning and servicing specialty items for over 60 years.
Let Sunshine be your wedding gown specialist
The Schwegmann family knows what it takes to clean wedding gowns. Every year
we process more than 3000 gowns. We clean, restore, and repair gowns recognizing the
care and diligence that is needed when handling such an important item for a customer.
Sunshine has several seamstresses and tailors on staff that allow us to remove
and replace ornamentation and decorations prior to cleaning. We can cover beadwork,
remove embellishments, replace embellishments and create a custom cleaning process
for each gown. We truly provide a superior gown cleaning service for you and your
customers. Our staff has years of experience. You can accept wedding gowns and other
specialty items at your counter knowing that you have our professionalism and service
to support your customers’ needs.
You can find out more about the Prestige Preservation Program at the website:
www.prestigepreservation.com. You can also direct your customers to this site for
information, pictures, and warranty information.
Keepsake Items Preservation
Sunshine can clean and preserve keepsake items like military uniforms, sports uniforms,
school jackets, christening/baptismal gowns, flower girl dresses and more. Sunshine has
a smaller box with a different color scheme that looks like the wedding gown box. We
preserve clothing items or keepsake items in the box using the same preservation
process as the wedding gowns. Sunshine can provide brochures and guidelines on
pricing for this service.
Gown and heirloom items restoration services are available. This is an estimate only
service. Please inquire with your salesperson about this part of the service.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for cleaning and preservation services.


Fur Services | Weaving Services

Fur Cleaning Process
Sunshine cleans natural and synthetic furs using a non-immersion process referred
to as the furrier method. Linings are hand cleaned to remove soil. Furs are gently
tumbled in a specialized machine using a fur-clean and glaze solution. Linings are
pressed and any requested repairs are performed. Great care is taken to produce a
beautiful, luxurious fur garment for your customer. We offer pile method cleaning for
items requesting this type of care.

Fur Storage
Sunshine does not offer fur storage.
Fur Repairs and Alterations
We have a full service furrier on staff to perform repairs and alterations. From tears and
buttons to remodels and relines. Additional time is needed for fur repairs and

Couture/Designer/High Fashion or One of Kind
Due to the use of unique materials, construction and ornamentation/hardware, pieces
may be subject to an additional charge for handling, risk, and the extra time and
attention required to care for these garments. We will call in these cases.
How much does it cost?
Because it is a meticulous hand-done technique, reweaving can be expensive. It is a
good alternative, however, to discarding a favorite suit or sweater in the event of
damage. We offer free estimates and descriptions of the work at your request.
How long does it take?
We use an outside company for this service and it can take up to 3-4 weeks.
It may take longer if we have to wait for the approval of an estimate. Sunshine will call
your store with an estimate and descriptions of the weave work that can be performed
for all pieces. All pieces must be approved before they will be processed. This applies
with a request or without a request for an estimate. No exceptions. Please be diligent
about returning phone calls with approval or disapproval of work. The weaver
determines the type of weave possible. You can also work directly with the weaver:


Pillow Cleaning and Renovation

Feather and down cleaning process
Feather and down-filled pillows are renovated by the Pillow-Vac-System. Pillows are
cleaned one at a time. The old ticking(case) is discarded and replaced with a new
feather and down proof ticking. Feathers are removed from the ticking, sanitized,
deodorized and the same feathers are encased in a new ticking. Many soiled pillows can
contain up to a pound of dust and other foreign materials. After sanitizing, those foreign
materials are removed. Feathers are agitated by rotating brushes, which fluff the
feathers and allow the dirt and non-feather particles to settle to the bottom of the
machine. Ozone lights deodorize the feathers as they are fluffed. About 3 pounds of
good feathers make one standard size pillow.
● We use a non-gusseted industry size pillow ticking.
● We can make custom sized pillows to order.
● We can renovate custom sized pillows.
● We sell new pillows filled with feathers, down or poly-fiber clusters. Request the
price list for this service.
● We can order higher thread count ticking.
● We can replace gusset pillows with new gusseted ticking, by request only.
● We can clean and recover pillows that are synthetic filled.
Pillow Sizes with New Ticking
Standard Size Pillow 19” x 26”
Queen Size Pillow 19” x 30”
King Size Pillow 19” x 36”
Renovated pillows will be matched to the closest size. Pillows outside of these
measurements will be custom made. Please specify on the invoice the size, if a custom
pillow is not required. All old ticking will be discarded unless a request to return the
ticking is written on our invoice. DOWN FILL IS A CUSTOM BY ESTIMATE ONLY ORDER.
Pillows can be combined or split into different sizes. Please specify the size pillow you
would like returned and the charge will be for that size pillow.
Decorator Pillows and other styles of pillows
We are able to upholstery clean decorator and throw style pillows.
Service times are 1-week for normal size pillow renovation and 2-weeks for
custom size pillows and decorator style pillows. We also offer new pillows for

sale. Please request this separate price book.


Communicating with Sunshine

Customer Service
We understand the demands that your customers put on your customer service staff.
The staff at Sunshine is here to answer questions. There are multiple places to get
information that is already prepared. This price book, the FAQ section on our website
about leather cleaning, information can be found for gown services on our website. You
can call, text or email. All these materials are available to aid training your staff.
When contacting us, please have your ticket number available so we can look up your
order. This number can be found on the receipts at your store from our invoice.
TEXT 800.232.0792
Whenever possible, please use our texting service. We can answer almost all
questions via text. Pictures of leather jackets, etc., can be sent to us for
estimates or to answer other questions. Please reference your ticket number or
what store you are texting from. Multiple staff at Sunshine are monitoring our
texting service to provide quick answers.
Questions or other inquiries can be made to info@sunshinecleaners.com. Multiple staff at
Sunshine are receiving emails to this account. This allows for more timely responses.
We use one phone number for calling and texting. You can text this number, reach our
sales staff, office, owners and our customer service team all by using the number
800.232.0792. You can select your sales person from the auto-greeting menu when you
call or when you hear the greeting press 1 for our customer service team.


Sunshine Tickets

Filling out the tickets for Sunshine indicates to our staff what services are needed for
your customer. Every piece that is sent to Sunshine requires a ticket to be
attached to the item or in the pocket of the item and to be filled out completely.
The ticket or invoice information is what we use
to perform requested services. We do not know
what you don’t tell us. We like notes and lots of
information, mark accordingly.
1. When calling us at Sunshine, we use
this number to look up your orders in our

■ This number is on the garment tag
we attach to each piece at our check in.

■ This number is on the invoice that is

returned with each piece.
2. Please make sure to mark the service that
you would like us to provide. This section is for
wedding dress services.
3. Indicate the color and number of pieces
4. This section is for textiles, all leather,
suede, fur and more.
5. This section is for written instructions and
for inspection notes.
6. This box is for YOUR garment tag
7. Indicate here if there is an estimate
needed for service. Remember you can text us
prior to sending a piece for the estimate.

Each piece that is sent for service needs a completed invoice.


Business Information

Sunshine Cleaners Company, LLC
d/b/a Sunshine Leathercare Company, LeathercareUSA, Prestige Preservation Program, Happily Ever After
Preservation, Sunshine Cleaners, SC Co, US Leather and Lace
U.S. Postal Address:
4854 Mary Ingles Hwy
Cold Spring, KY 41076-8690
Owned and Operated by:
Jeff Schwegmann II, President and General Manager

2022 Monthly House Charge Policy
Monthly House Charge Accounts are subject to approval and ongoing commitment to the
terms. Statements are generated on the last day of the month and mailed on the 1st of
the month. Payments in full are due upon receipt of the statement. Delinquent accounts
are subject to an interest charge of 4% per month. Services may be held for accounts
over 30-days past due. Monthly House Charge Accounts can be revoked at any time and
the account placed on COD for failure to comply with terms. We reserve the right to
withhold delivery of goods for delinquent accounts and/or failure to pay at time of
delivery. Frequently late accounts will require a credit card to be on file for payment.
Sunshine accepts payments by these methods:
1. Payments made directly to your sales person at the time of delivery.
2. By mailing a check, money order or credit card number to our business office.
3. Setting up an auto-payment to your credit card. Accounts with auto-payments will
be charged on the last day of the month for the activity that occurred on the
account in that month. Statements will be mailed showing payment and activity.
4. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.
5. You can call our office with your credit card number for a one-time payment.
6. Please return the statement coupon with your payment or indicate the account
number on your check.

Send us your email address for paperless statements.



FedEx Ground is Sunshine Cleaners primary parcel delivery service.
Sunshine uses FedEx to provide pick up and delivery service throughout the United
States. This provides timely service 52-weeks a year. FedEx is available to any Sunshine
customer at any time. Additional charges may apply. Please see the chart below (pricing
subject to change if FedEx changes our rates).

Special request shipping is $14
Express, Next Day, etc., shipments are billed at cost
Wedding gown shipping directly to retail customer: $35.00
Scheduling a pickup with FedEx
To schedule a pickup with FedEx you will need to call 1-800-463-3339, when prompted,
say “Ground Return Pickup”. Answer questions when prompted. You will need the
shipping label information and the approximate weight of the package. FedEx will come
to your business to pick up the package. Be sure the package is ready to go. This
process works with the orange labels provided by Sunshine called PRP labels. You do not
need a FedEx account to ship items to Sunshine. All shipments are completed on
Sunshine’s FedEx account. This ensures continuity of insurance. We can email shipping
labels for printing locally.
You can schedule a pick up online at FedEx.com by selecting Schedule a Pick Up. You will
need to create an online profile at FedEx.com to do this.
You can drop the package at any FedEx drop off location. You can find drop locations at
Rush Service, Special pickups, and more
Sunshine can set up special pickups or make special deliveries when requested. Please
contact Sunshine customer service for help with this service. Charges may apply. We
ship more than 6000 packages a year. Sunshine is very experienced with shipping goods
and is ready to assist.



Glossary of Leather Terms

Leather: a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.
Suede: leather with the flesh side rubbed to make a velvety nap.
Shearling: generally, a sheep suede that has been tanned and the wool left on; suede on one side and
clipped fur on the other.
Top Grain: Leather bearing the original grain surface as exposed by removal of the epidermis and with
none of the surface removed by buffing, snuffing or splitting.
Nubuck: Cowhide leather that has been rubbed on the outer side of the hide to give it a feel like that of
elusive: difficult to find, catch or achieve
Aniline Leather: a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes without covering the surface with a
topcoat paint or insoluble pigments. The resulting product retains the hide's natural surface with the
'grain', i.e. visible pores, scars etc. of the complete original animal's skin structure. This type of leather
can also be called full aniline leather or cuir sauvage, depending on the dye treatment variants.
Semi-aniline leather: is produced through a very similar process to full-aniline, but has a thin protective
top coat added to protect it from wear and staining. Pull-up aniline leather has additional oil or wax
applied to the leather to give it a distressed look.
Hugger-mugger: confused, disorderly, secrecy
Antiqued Leather: Leather that is dyed with one color over another (usually darker over lighter) so as to
create rich highlights and an artificial aged appearance. It is also called distressed leather.
Fur: the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals.
Dry clean: clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water.
Confusion: the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something
Subtly: in a clever and indirect way, in order to achieve something
Wet clean: is a method in garment cleaning, utilizing a gentle washing machine, biodegradable soaps and
conditioners, and various types of pressing and re-shaping equipment that may be specialized for many
different fabric and fiber types.
Faux: made in imitation; artificial, not genuine.
Refinish: apply a new finish to a surface or object.



An informed customer is a satisfied customer!

To assure satisfaction for your customer, discuss these points with your

customer about suede and leather cleaning.

1. There will be a change in appearance.
2. In all suede and unfinished leather garments, although slight, there may be a change in textures
and colors, due to the inherent nature of working with skins. Every effort is made to return the
garment to its original like-new condition.
3. There is always relaxation in leather cleaning.
a. This varies from garment to garment and in most cases is not significant. Shrinkage occurs
only from skins being overstretched during the tanning process. It is not possible for the
cleaner to predict the amount of shrinkage. Every effort is made to return the garment to its
original dimensions.

Follow these guidelines when accepting suede and leathers:
1. Carefully inspect the suede/leather garment for:

Breaks Discolorations
damages Food
Thin areas Cuts or tears Perspiration Lining damage
Spots or stains Mold/mildew Ink

Paint Protein stains Salt Stains Oxidation

zippers Beer/alcohol Missing Snaps

a. Any scars, vein marks, belly wrinkles, tick marks, etc., originally masked by the leather
tanner, may be more evident after cleaning. We refer to these as, beauty marks; these
marks make each garment unique in appearance and give leather and suede garments
individual characteristics.

1. Check if the lining hangs below the garment
a. If the lining extends from the sleeves or hem this may indicate shrinkage. Check the lining
for open seams and stains.

2. Check if the garment is part of a suit or has multiple pieces.
a. All pieces must be processed at the same time to guarantee color match.
3. Look for fading or oxidation.
a. Check an unexposed area such as under the pocket flaps and collar. Oxidation and sun fade
permanently damage the color, but we will attempt to restore the color as near the original
shade as possible.

4. We highly recommend water repellent to protect the leather/suede and extend the life of
the garment. This product helps prevent water spots and water damage. Ask about a program to
add this to all garments you send to us.





Leather and Suede Acceptance Form

Release of Liability

Leather and suede garments/accessories are susceptible to hazards inherent to the fact that they are
made of leather skins, and thus subject to variances in the tanning/manufacturing process. The customer
should understand the following are some, but not all, possible risks when cleaning suede, leather, fur and
accessory items.
1. Loss of color or change of color: Some dyes are soluble in cleaning. While we attempt to preserve
the original color, some colors can not always be restored. Refinishing and coloring are included in
the service. We do our best to return the garment to the manufacturer's original intent.
2. Imperfections in the skins: scars, tick marks, veins, wrinkles and texture variances can become
more apparent after cleaning.
3. Shrinkage: Skins over-stretched during tanning may relax after cleaning. Slight shrinkage is
considered acceptable in the cleaning processes and customers can expect 2-5% shrinkage. All
pieces are pressed and blocked to try to obtain the original dimensions of the garment.
4. Color Shading from adhesives: Glues used during construction that are not solvent resistant may
seep through the leather causing dark areas.
5. Multicolored garments: Dyes may bleed onto adjacent leather, suede or fabric.
6. 2pc outfits may not be made from the same hide or lot and color matching after cleaning cannot be
guaranteed. Always clean both pieces together.
7. Stains: Some stains can not be removed without causing damage to the color, skins or fabric.
There is no guarantee of stain removal.
8. All purses, handbags, footwear and other accessories: Most accessories do not contain a care
label indicating a safe service method. All accessories are cleaned at the customer's risk only.
Trims, hardware, multiple colors and fabrics make cleaning accessories a challenge; most items can
be safely serviced, your consent and release is required.
Possible Risk for cleaning accessories include, but not limited to:

1. Distortion or change of shape
2. Shrinkage or relaxing of leather
3. Color transfer or bleed out
4. Leather may soften and lose some of its rigidness
5. Stain removal is not guaranteed
6. Color restoration is not guaranteed

9. All leather, suede and fur goods without care or content label are cleaned at the customer's risk
10. Liability of the dry cleaner and/or subcontractor is limited to the cleaning service charges and no
Release of Liability
I have read the above statements and understand the risk involved in processing my items. I understand
that this is not a comprehensive list of risks and other unforeseen occurrences are possible and may have
not been stated. I release the dry cleaner and subcontractor from any and all liability for processing my
items. I have completely read this form and understand the risk. By signing below I agree to assume all
liability. I understand that in the event that one or more of possible risks occurs that I am not entitled to
compensation except for the cost of the cleaning service.
Date:________________ Ticket #: _______________



Quick Reference Price Listings

Wholesale Price / Suggested Retail

Leather or Suede Jacket $38.00 $57.00
Leather or Suede Coat (over 37") $42.00 $63.00
Combination style cloth with leather/suede trim $26.00 $39.00
Ultra Suede (faux suede) or Vinyl (faux leather) $26.00 $39.00
Varsity Style Jacket Leather/Suede/Vinyl Sleeves $38.00 $57.00
Full Leather Purses/Handbags (customer risk only) $44.00 $60.00
Combination Style Purse - cloth with leather/suede trim (customer risk only) $33.00 $49.50
Boots (UGG and other brands) $26.00 $39.00
Shearling Coat $54.00 $72.00
Natural Fur Jacket $42.00 $63.00
Natural Fur Coat $47.00 $71.00
Fake Fur Coat $36.00 $54.00
Wedding Gowns
Clean and Preserve $138.00 $276.00
Clean Only (no pressing) $87.00 $130.00
Clean and Press $120.00 $180.00
All comforters (including down) $33.00 $50.00
Featherbeds $49.50 $74.00
Area Rugs $2.50sq/ft $3.50 sq/ft
Zippers (est $35-53)
#5 One-way (Most Common) $43.00 $54.00
#7 One-way $47.00 $59.00
#10 One-way (heavy duty) $57.00 $71.00
Alterations (est $48 an hour)
Plain Sleeve Shorten $45.00 $56.00
Shorten Sleeves with Details (zippers, buttons, etc) $60 and up $75 and up
Reline Leather Garment (est $132-160) $132.00 $150.00
Repair Only Minimum Charge $19.00 $24.00











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