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  • Ready-to-Wear

    We take pride in understanding the work that we perform. All items that U.S. Leather Cleaning processes are cleaned, refinished and pressed as part of our cleaning service, and ready-to-wear.

  • Dependable

    Once the garment is received in our shop it normally takes 10-14 business days to complete. Your garments are our priority. Alterations and repairs may require additional service time. 

  • Quality

    Each item is unique. Whether we discern based on our years of expertise that GreenEarth cleaning or Wet cleaning is the best route for the garment, rest assured it will look good as new.

  • Professional

    We clean thousands of leather garments and accessories. Our experience helps us determine the best cleaning method for each item. Since 1946 we have been providing outstanding results for all of our customers.

We are always on time here at U.S. Leather Cleaning. We have a 2-week turn-around time

Timely Shipping Family Operated

4th generation owned business, parent company Sunshine Cleaners

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