Fur Cleaning and Glazing

Including the Specialty Services and Preservation Services that we provide, we also specialize in Fur Cleaning and Glazing. Listed below is a summary of the fur cleaning and glazing services that we offer. 

  • Natural Furs
        • Jacket
        • Stole, vest, cape
        • Coat (over 36 inches) 
        • Collars, cuffs, scarves, boas, hoods, child's Jacket
        • Hats
  • Genuine shearling
        • Jacket
        • Coat
  • Man-made, Synthetic, Faux-Furs
        • Jacket
        • Stole, vest, cape
        • Coat 
        • Child’s jacket
        • Collars, cuffs, scarves, boas
        • Hats, child’s jackets 
  • Cloth Garments
        • Fur-trimmed cloth garment
        • 2pc outfit with fur trim
        • Fur trimmed hood
  • Fur Lined Garments/Reversible
        • reversible/lined natural fur to cloth jacket
        • Reversible/lined natural fur to cloth coat
        • Suede/Leather Jacket/Coat with natural fur lining
        • Natural fur lined vest (includes reversible)
        • Natural Fur Removable Lining
  • Fur Rugs
        • Sheepskin Rug (per panel/hide)
        • Llama piece rugs with design, Alpaca Rugs
        • Full Animal Hide Rugs (cow, deer, elk, etc.)
  • Fur Storage
        • Discontinued
  • Down-filled Garments (with or without Fur Trim)
        • Down Jacket, Coat, Snow Pants
  • Couture/Designer/High Fashion or One of Kind (subject to upcharge)
  • *Due to the use of unique materials, construction and ornamentation/hardware, pieces may be subject to an additional charge for handling, risk, and the extra time and attention required to care for these garments. (Made in the USA, Italy, France, Spain for example) Charges at our discretion, we will call.

    We clean many more items not listed here! Please call or text us at 800.232.0792 with questions. Please allow more time for repairs and alterations. 

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