Our Specialty Cleaning Services

We are partnered with the Prestige Preservation Program, where we clean & preserve bridal dresses and family heirlooms. We provide timely service with impeccable quality service, and 5-star customer service. To read more about our process in which we preserve the dresses, click here. 

Here is a summary of the services that Prestige Preservation offers: 

  • Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid gowns, Quinceañera gowns, etc. 
        • Clean & preserve (Standard box & Oversize Box)
        • Clean Only
        • Clean and Press
        • Press Only
        • Restoration (any piece 15 years or older)
        • Preserve only in Wedding Gown box (no warranty)
        • Clean, Return for Inspection, Preserve
        • Reseal/Rebox Gown (reusing materials)
        • Additional Box with Cleaning for Accessories
        • Shipping Wedding Gown ($1000 insurance) 
  • Memory Box Preservation (smaller keepsake box)
      • Clean & Preserve

    *Memory Box Garments could include; First Communion, Christening Gowns, Military Uniforms, Baby Items, Flower girl dresses, Graduation Gowns, etc. 

  • Clean and Preserve Varsity Jackets
  • Memory Box, Preserve Only
  • Specialty Cleaning Garments
  • *Specialty Cleaning Garments include; formals, evening gowns, prom dresses, mother of Bride, etc. (silk and/or beaded). 

  • Designer, High Fashion Garments, Vintage (Fabric pieces) 
  • *Designer, high fashion garments & vintage include; men or women’s two-piece suits (non leather), sweaters, blouses, etc. With beads, sequin, etc. silk garments, couture, designer and high fashion

  • Repair Work


    We will remove belts, brochettes, flowers and other ornamentation from wedding gowns whenever possible. We will replace them after completing the cleaning process. We will not call prior to proceeding, unless requested on our invoice to do so. We will not jeopardize the safe cleaning of a piece.

     Please inspect the gown with your customer and inform them of the possible removal and replacement. Please discuss with your sales person or give us a call at the shop if assistance is needed. Furthermore, please allow 2-3 weeks for preservation services. 

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